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					Join Us at for a 24-Hour Hackathon with Tech Concept Lab, 
    Cleura, Blekinge Institute of Technology and 
    Hyper Island!

Date: November 16th 13:00 - 17th 15:00
Hosted by: Cleura


Get ready for an exhilarating 24-hour hackathon experience that will ignite your creativity and push the boundaries of technology. Cleura welcomes you to join us for an unforgettable event of innovation and collaboration.

Find your way to Hyper Island

					Ångpannecentralen, Hyper Island
Bastionsgatan 8, 
371 32 Karlskrona

What's in it for me?


					Why your company should join?

Sometimes the best ideas that enable the next step come from 
inventive people outside the company. 

If you want a new perspective on some of the issues your 
business is facing, join the Tech Concept Hack. 
You will get the opportunity to collaborate with raw talent 
and the tech industry of the future. You will be challenged 
with creative ideas that help you and your colleagues to plan 
for the future. 

It’s also a chance to be inspired, inspire others and show 
why your company is a great place to work.


#participating students

					Why you as a student should participate?

The best ideas that drive businesses forward often come from 
people like you.

When you participate in Tech Concept Hack, you will work with 
a real case from the company that hosts the hack. It’s a 
chance to learn new skills, work with creative students from 
other areas and build your CV. But also an opportunity to 
establish work contacts for the future and win prizes.

This time,the winners will be given the opportunity to get business coaching
from Blekinge Business Incubator’s experienced team of advisors, 
to establish a startup and continue to work on the idea and the associated business.
Furthermore, the winners will also get a milestone-based development support from BBI with a total value of 50.000 SEK.
25.000 SEK when a company (AB) based in Blekinge is established and have joined BBI program.
25.000 SEK to perform market verification/research.


Secure your spot today and be a part of
the Cleura 24-Hour HackatHon.
See you there!

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