Team Hulder – the innovative bark beetle detector

Johan Bruce, Hulder

– Our participation in Tech Concept Lab has given us opportunities to meet people from several different organizations and it has given us many new insights. For example, we gained knowledge about the manufacture of electrical components, but also how manufacturable our product was. Through Tech Concept Lab, we have received valuable input that is very useful in our future development, says Johan Bruce at Hulder, one of the 2020-2021-teams.

Innovative mapping of the bark beetle

Hulder is a new service that monitors and maps areas where the spruce bark beetles swarms. Hulder enables swarms to be observed in real time and allows forest owners to gain information about which areas that are exposed. Today’s methods help the forrest owners after the damage already have been done. With Hulder, we detect where the beetle is present before severe damage on the trees has been done. Because of this, Hulder is more efficient and will save both the trees and the forrest owners economy.
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Hulder – innovative mapping of the bark beetle

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